"To the Bone" is collection where the material’s specific quality reflects the author’s message without reducing the composition’s decorative value, highlighting the content’s revelation. This process involves a well-considered system of symbols, chosen colours and materials that are based on a well-grounded choice. All of these actions aim to describe and emphasize fundamental and universal values such as love, self-sacrifice and compassion. To highlight these concepts more actively there are references to particular literary sources - Oscar Wilde's fairy tales “The Nightingale and the Rose” and “The Fisherman and his Soul”.


Oscar Wilde’s tale "Nightingale and the Rose" emphasises that the greatest beauty of life is Love. In the same way, this fairy tale tells about the nightingale who sacrifices her life in order to procure a red rose that the young man could give to his beloved. However, the bird’s sacrifice proves to be in vain.

To what extent can we see and feel human values – love, sacrifice – and do we appreciate them?

In necklaces "Sacrifice" chosen material - lamb’s rib highlights the idea about sacrificing. Also to underline this idea bone carved motif shows thorns as a symbol of the suffering.

Bone itself has been a part of wildlife so it always maintains a feeling of life and soul as it has been, in a sense, a life carrier. Fragility and the colour white is associated with purity, love. It’s contrasted with the black as a symbol of suffering. This underlines Oscar Wilde’s belief that the world is composed of conflicting duality - light and dark, life and death.


"21 gram" is a dedication to Oscar Wilde's fairy tale "The Fisherman and his soul”. It's a story about a fisherman who meets and falls in love with a mermaid and sends away his soul to be with her.

This story raises the question - how much is our Love worth? Maybe it is worth our soul. To point out this idea the jewellery are created to weight 21g as a symbol of our soul's weight.

On the other hand, to highlight the fisherman's love for the mermaid as an object of desire, bone carve motif puts emphasis on physical love, highlighting a woman, her body lines.

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