Regardless of the knowledge gained through the life, in each of us dwells supernatural experience. One of its manifestation, and most important for creativity is Love – the first feeling that we meet at the beginning of our life, the force that leads us and are foundations of our life’s comprehension. This is the reason why I have decided to reflect my childhood memories, my interpretation of these feelings in collection "Lightness of my childhood memories". The works in this collection speaks about my family roots and the power it had to raise a talent – an ability to find my own value of things around me, my view. These memories are a driving force for me but also it is a reminder of the lost and irretrievable time – illuminated by a bright sadness. It makes you think you are naked in front of your life and the whole world. This pure nakedness has taken off our deception and is cruel but it is very important at the same time.


As a child I still remember this plant at my grandfather`s home - China rose tree – which made its way from the floor up to the ceiling. At that age it felt so mighty and magnificent – with pure, rich, red flowers lightened by a golden ray of sun.

Unfortunately, time goes by and this tree no longer exists but this image still lives in me as a symbol of a happy, fulfilled and loving chilhood, and is flowing through me and my artwork.

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