Growing up in a family of graphic artists, I have been interested in art since early childhood. For a long time I was infatuated with graphic arts due to its delicacy and technical possibilities. So on one hand collection "Blossom" is my family traditions heritage. The hairpin collection combines the materiality of applied art with the fineness and clarity of graphic art, including one of the traditional graphic technique – xylography. But on other hand collection is my view and understanding of the ancient, primordial forms, and the human relationship with all living things. The materials of the hairpin collection are an organic interaction of natural wood and forged metal.

The aim and intention of the collection is to combine applied art and fine art in jewellery. Miniature etchings have been made in wood with a special instrument, and they serve both as a decorative element of the pin as well as printing block – each hairpin lies in a special box along with its print on paper. The wooden details depict motives of nature, while the prints are additions of graphic art to the set. 

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