The inspiration for the collection is found in the Roberto Benigni film “Life is Beautiful”. Benigni’s outstanding work tells the story about a father who uses his imagination to shield his son from the horrors of internment in a Nazi concentration camp by telling him that everything that happens around them is just a game.

This seemingly simplistic approach is worth remembering in adverse situations. I think it is important not to stay trapped in the past. Facing difficult or even tragic events in our lifetime, each one of us would benefit if we kept in mind that life is beautiful, as Ralph Emerson wrote “Our life is an eternity in miniature”.

For me very important is to capture and express my feelings in symbols that are dear to me. This helps when I share a deeply painful personal experience, without making a piece of jewelry emotionally heavy. At the same time I want to leave space for the viewer’s personal experience, thereby making their own story and feelings.

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